Pink's trust

When I first envisioned my business, I called it "Pink's Trust." An important element has always been for me to introduce fantastic experts and teachers to clients who are ready to engage in next-level personal leadership. These are my hand-selected teachers, who offer a diverse range of expertise to you. Each of them is also a personal friend. This is truly my trust, and I am excited to bring each of them into your life and work.


BarB Beck

Barb was my personal coach and guide for two years when I was navigating a massive personal and career shift in my life. She specializes in personal relationships- and this is what she teaches: "The quality and depth of the relationship you create with yourself will equal the quality and depth of all of your relationships." With her permission, essential parts of Step Into Your Genius are derived from what I learned and practiced with Barb. She is an expert on personal foundations (personal standards, boundaries, relationship requirements) and how those allow us to move past what we often call "communication skills" into genuine trust and connection. She's been a relationship coach for 20+ years and her clients have included CEOs, celebrities, and lots of others who have up-leveled their lives and begun to have a profound influence on everyone around them. Barb has been a guest expert in Step into Your Genius and we teach together at in-person events or online.

becca chapman

Becca is an an experienced teacher, actor, and theatre creator. She is the founder of Prescription Joy, a non-profit medical clowning organization that brings healing through humor to hospitalized children. She has studied acting and clowning with experts from around the world and brings profound insight into the power of presence, integrity, risk, and vulnerability from the perspective of character development and improvisational acting. Becca is also an alumna of the Step Into Your Genius program. She and I can teach together at in-person events or online.


Tom Kunetz

Tom (aka Spike) brings "over 25 years of experience as a performer, director, and playwright. He has been teaching improvisational comedy and sketch comedy writing at the famed Second City Training Center in Chicago since 1997. He teaches workshops on using the power of improv for life skills." He's also a highly accomplished engineer and I've worked closely with him in both of his parallel "careers."  He and I have created and delivered an in-person workshop called "Creating an Innovation Culture," which has received rave reviews. Our workshops blend his improv expertise and formats with my teachings to awaken personal creativity, inspire innovative solutions, and build successful teams and partnerships. 



brian mahoney

Brian is a hypnotherapist and coach with >15 years of experience and extensive training in a wide variety of methods to help clients solve specific issues. I met Brian as client looking to resolve a phobia and he resolved this issue in one or two sessions. He specializes in 1-1 work and I call him "the closest thing I can recommend to a silver bullet." Brian and I tailor the in-person or online experience and conversation based on whatever the clients are interested in or might need. 

Elisa Speranza

Elisa has been a colleague, coworker, mentor, friend, champion, boss, New Orleans festival and parade pal, neighbor, and about 65 different other descriptors since I met her at a conference event almost 20 years ag0. She provides unique expertise in strategy development, diagnostic services (personal and organizational), team-building, and career/leadership development. Elisa has developed a unique leadership program for rising non-profit leaders, derived from the work of her friend (and bestselling author) Dr. Tasha Eurich. She also candidly shares how and why she has risen to the top executive-level leadership of multiple private and non-profit organizations, her experiences at starting and running her own successful businesses, and how she does it all while taking time to write and enjoy the New Orleans music and culture. Elisa and I can go deep on any number of leadership and personal development topics, in-person or online.



Melanie Weller

Melanie has spent over 25 years in the field of physical health as an athletic trainer and Physical Therapist. She is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, and a Certified Athletic Trainer. I first met Melanie when friends referred to her as "the body whisperer." I had wanted to try out an osteopath for some nagging imbalances and tightness. She was the first to teach me about the vagus nerve (which I now study in depth), and I left that appointment with more feeling, freedom, and mobility in my left shoulder than I had experienced in many years. Melanie's practice and teaching now looks beyond basic bodywork to the development of stronger intuition as well as assessing the imprint of culture, society, ancestry (and more) on our ability to understand and access our greater intelligence. Melanie and I can teach together online or in person.

Mara Yale

Mara is the owner of Yale Center for learning and is devoted to helping adults and children learn through the Feldenkrais Method. She leads online and in-person sessions and workshops using "gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life." She is an alumna of Step Into Your Genius and has also been a guest expert in the program. Mara is a former geophysicist and software engineer/manager who has shifted her scientific aptitude to this third career evolution.