"What about for corporations: youhaveacompany ofinnovators anddontknowit.com"

Today we're sharing some thoughts on innovation sent in by Tom. We like his suggestion, so we made it the title of the blog. It's a little long and we find that it runs off the page if you're reading on your phone, so we'll stick with what we've got.  (Pro tip: flip your phone horizontal. This is now an interactive post.) He continues,

"I just filled out my performance review and, as usual, innovation and risk taking are not the focus."

Exactly. You Are the Innovator is here to say let's stop sitting around and waiting for pigs to fly. So what does Tom do?  He starts with this:

"Innovation requires a clear understressed mind.  
I have used ideas from this book for 25 years. Use it for yourself. It is not the typical load of crap.
As we speak, I still use the 'UnSchedule' to block out time on my Outlook calendar 3-4 lunchtimes a week so I can get to the gym,"

and he adds, 

"without idiots scheduling 12pm meetings."

OK, we hear you, Tom. Having scheduled some annoying 12pm meetings ourselves, we'll be sure to check your calendar. Thanks for the laugh and for the straight talk on everyday innovation.

Erin Mosley