Starting today.

You Are the Innovator exists to raise up great, ordinary ideas and to talk about how a mindset of innovation can improve our lives, our organizations, and our communities. Innovation is misunderstood as being about "high-tech," and it is anything but. It's what you do anytime you put aside old rules, limitations, assumptions, beliefs, standards and look at what is right in front of you with a clear head. Ever had an "aha!" moment?  Ever found a clever way to solve a problem?  So has everyone else. 

That's not to say it's easy. Real innovation takes guts. It takes getting over that this idea might not be perfect or complete or even completely relevant.  It takes not caring that you might be wrong about something or have incomplete information right this second. It takes courage to throw your idea out there anyway, and confidence to allow for others to do the same. It takes the humility to be willing to learn as you go, always. Sure there can be some friendly competition in an innovation culture, but the focus shifts to the ideas and what are we creating instead of a me (or us) vs. them outlook. 

And so You Are the Innovator asks, "What if we start to act and think and feel like innovators every day, and help others do the same?"

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Erin Mosley