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Chris Hayward
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Mara Yale
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"The program will help you identify many facets about yourself. I felt the [group] calls were well organized and time was managed so that everyone got a chance to talk and share." - Venkatesh Kidambi

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"I say often, 'We would not be where we are today without the love and support of those around us.' Erin (Pink) Mosley is one of those very important people. She has played a major role in laying the inner foundation needed in order for us to run after starting something we love. I highly encourage those looking to do the same to join her program." - Becca Chapman
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More from Client Ambassadors
I have a good toolkit to handle just about anything life throws at me and to recognize the value of making space for myself. I've been able to be a lot more present and direct with others and be much more of a calming presence. This program really reframed for me what leadership development is.
- Andrew Mang
Through my career transition, I have found remarkable coaches, teachers, and collaborators. I discovered Erin at a key time and her programs have helped me frame and reframe my amorphous thoughts into actions that help me discover next steps.
- Mara Yale
I think that you're the best listener I've ever known... you're able to condense and get down to the meat of what I'm trying to say. It was so great working with you.
- Deb Leonard
I find myself approaching my day with a playfulness and curiosity (and ability to fail) instead of with fear and dread. This enables me to test out new things and own areas where I might need help.
- Kendyl Adams
This program allowed me the space and structure to build the foundation for being confident in my actions and decision-making process.
- Kaitlin Tymrak
What I've learned and have begun to practice since joining the program has made a great impact on the way I think and the way I approach my professional life, all for the better.
- Chris Hayward
Your work with me last week was hugely valuable. Where you were particularly astute was your advice for leaving [my current position].
- B.L.
I think it's useful to start where you are and uncover things as you go. I prefer that method because it gives me a better feeling of progress and forward motion.
- Lisa Roby
More Client Experiences
"Yesterday felt fresh and a new start for me to break through the virtual barriers that I’ve placed around myself. I appreciate your expertise and ability to withdraw from me the things that I haven’t been able to extract on my own."
"The atmosphere of the group and individual calls was always encouraging, positive, safe, and supporting - yet realistic and honest. This allowed me to never feel embarrassed, which was a concern that I had about working with any type of formal program."
"I trust this woman beyond belief. She will be honest with me, but knows when to be gentle. I know I am not being used by a program or sold something, but genuinely helped."
"I can better see what skills I need to work on to align my actions and behavior to be the person I want to be regardless of the situation or circumstances."
"I wouldn't recommend you to just anybody. It would have to be someone that I think really deserves having you as a coach. It would have to be someone who is willing to put in the effort and spend time reflecting, because the most rigorous part of this was not the hour we spent on video. It was more what comes after that: sitting with all those ideas... that is the growth-producing aspect."
"When I started the program I was burnt out, exhausted, and angry, and didn't feel that I had the ability to move on in a way that wouldn't destroy my personal and professional relationships. I knew that something within me needed to change, and I needed help finding it. Now, much of the confusion and undirected frustration that I was experiencing has relaxed."
"This work I feel is another way to tie everything together into a forward path. To help me use what I know about myself to go after what I want. I also like that it is not just one-on-one but in community."
"The best part was realizing that I'm not alone in feeling confused or frustrated or in need of help."
"I did like the process too. I thought that was really good. And I have to say when I first saw it I was like, "Okay, I could write this down. But what's that going to mean?" But it turned out to be great. It really made me think and really dig through my own fences and figure out what it really was down there that I want to feel like."
"I identified with Erin when she made a statement that the skills that earned me today's position aren't the skills that will earn me my next position. I want to break out of the 'technical guy' mold, and during my initial consultation, I found that Erin's techniques of searching inward and working with other professionals appealed to me greatly."
"You're not going to be psychoanalyzed. It's not that kind of thing. It's just to help you figure out where you want to be and come up with ways for you to get there."
"In this time of transition in my life and career, I'm investing in studying with a variety of people. One gem I found is Erin "Pink" Mosley, former civil engineer and now innovation leadership coach."
"It really is using what you know about yourself. Find out what it is that makes your heart sing. And that's hard to do by yourself. That's the greatest benefit of [the program]: you can get down to the thing that really matters."
"Having a structure - which is comfortable for the engineers - but being encouraged to follow my own path was really important. It was a big shift to be allowed to be 'creative' and follow my thoughts without being required to follow a prescribed process."
The greatest benefit? "Falling asleep easily and waking up easily, as a result of clarity of mind and not needing extra rest time to process or re-think everything. I'm able to deal with issues as they arise."
"I would say that this program isn't a 'quick fix' for a problem, it requires you to be put in effort to get the full effect. But there will be immediate and lasting benefits if you are serious about taking responsibility."
When I first started, I did try to quantify the investment and put together some sort of plan that would justify it - but I don't feel the need to do that anymore, because I just know that this was the right thing to do at this time.
"The 'self improvement' industry is so huge, and there are so many books to read and podcasts to listen to and self-assessment quizzes to take - but there is no substitute for a real person who has done the work too."
"We need more people in the world who are challenging the status quo and giving a voice to what many of us are feeling. Thank you for doing this! It's hard, but you make it look easy."
"What stands out to me about this program is that it is science-based, which appeals to a certain audience, like myself, who is looking for substance behind the recommendations."
"In time, no doubt more quantifiable values will show themselves, but for now I'm content with the feeling of being able to trust my decisions and knowing that I'm not acting out of desperation. Surely there is a way to put a price on sleeping well and deciding not to refill my anxiety medication. Over time this adds up!"
"I found that I got the most benefit out of the program by listening to others and being introspective and connecting their experiences to my own. I felt like I had the opportunity to be honest and empathetic while also pushing hard to improve – I really liked that there were always additional exercises or things to try, and I never felt like I was plateauing in my knowledge."
"It's been really valuable to have support of community that feels like it's aligned with my highest good. 
[In the program I've been] feeling bolstered in a way that's more structured than just my network of family and friends. It has been really helpful in getting clear on what I want, what my boundaries are, and how to frame questions.
I feel good. I feel very clear ... and I feel very ready to jump into what's next."
"The best part was having a coach who is unbiased and has the ability to just listen. And push my buttons to help me create an atmosphere within myself that I can ask myself tough questions and think through them. And learning those trigger states and tuning in more to what it's doing to me psychologically and physiologically that I would not see before. You're authentic and genuine, and in all of our communications I felt that sincerity. Even when you did push my buttons!"
"The group calls aren't as scary as they sound; they are a supportive network that allows you to hear what others are going through and to learn from each other."
"Being able to recognize and name different emotions - and allow them to exist, but not let them control - is a powerful skill that I'm starting to work on. That's a big one for me."
"The time spent wasn't that much for what I got out of it because I do really feel like I moved from total helplessness (almost) to 'I got this.' If I was doing it by myself - if I could have done it by myself - it would have taken a lot longer. And I don't think I could have [done it by myself]."
One of the reasons I had held on so long is because I'm a single mom to two kids. It's not that you get rid of stress all together. The kind of stress that I was dealing with while on leave is the uncertainty of the future, but I'm in control of that. So, thank you. Thanks to [the group] for being my witness and for holding space for me through this process."
"It's been a truly transformational two years for me, which would not have been possible without the influence of your programs on my life. The word 'thankful' doesn't seem sufficient to describe it."
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