Erin Mosley
Erin Mosley
Proficient Ingenuity: Essential Strategies for Mastering Innovation.

PRoficienT Ingenuity:

the art and science of Mastering Innovation


Are you living and working your ideal career right now?

For two weeks in mid-December, I picked up my business and brought it to Buenos Aires. I worked from the back balcony a few hours a day and spent the rest of my time exploring the city, language, and culture. This international 'proof of concept' for my business (and life) started a few years ago when I decided I would take charge of my own career and life no matter what the world threw my way.

Your dream might be a lot different -- but if there's a part of your career and life that feels stuck, I invite you to register now for my brand new FREE webinar!


  • The perfect antidote for career boredom, doldrums, and stress.

  • A powerful alternative to New Year's Resolutions and tedious Annual Performance Plans: we'll go deep in understanding when and why typical goal-setting works against us -- and what to do instead.
  • The top 3 roadblocks that happen even to high-achievers and the secrets of those who skillfully avoid career slowdowns without the frustration.
  • A step-by-step method to stay in an innovation mindset and create a roadmap that will speed you to your next success.

Just imagine having a systematic roadmap to your next dream career--and the latest tools, research, and mindset shifts to make it happen fast.


current & upcoming programs

I love speaking, writing, and working with other wonderful teachers to bring unforgettable experiences to you. You can book me in-person, or take advantage of my expertise at hosting highly engaging online events and programs.


Step Into Your Genius

Each year I invite only a handful of people into my premium program. It's a 12-week immersion to connect with your deep motivation and create your next dream career, job, and/or life. You'll learn step-by-step from proven techniques and world-class experts to get crystal clear on what you want and why. In live and on-demand online engagement, you will master powerful new abilities in personal, influence, and leadership dynamics that are drawn from the best in the world of science, engineering, business, education, arts, performance, wellness, and more. Check out the stories of current and alumni clients, and then contact me to find out if I have space available and if this program is right for you right now.

RAISE: Career Roadmapping Online Retreat
and the JUMP START resources

At least once a year I run a special short course and online retreat that focuses on one element of my Step Into Your Genius program. In the RAISE program, you create a new kind of career and life roadmap and learn what has been keeping you feeling stuck, trapped, or under-appreciated where you are now. With new perspective and insights you will feel reconnected with your spark and have the tools you need to steer your career back to satisfaction and fulfillment.

I've also created a self-study program that is based on the concepts of RAISE and Step Into Your Genius: JUMP START is an on-demand, online course that will lead you through the material at your own pace using a state-of-the-art online course platform. You'll receive all the instruction and guidance through videos and online materials.

Contact me to find out more about RAISE and JUMP START!


As an experienced speaker and writer, I am available for keynote speaking, panels, workshops, interviews, and similar engagements. I also write white papers, articles, blog posts, and other published materials. My most popular topics include:

  • Perspectives on innovation leadership
  • Smart cities
  • Sustainability and ISI's Envision Framework

create your own Innovation experience

You bring the inspiration and create your experience with the resources and idea engine of the Proficient Ingenuity team. I have hand-selected collaborators and teachers from a wide range of expertise -- business, planning, engineering, science, arts, theatre, hospitality, education, wellness, community -- to work worldwide, co-creating events, workshops, short courses, and speaking engagements and offering creative, results-oriented energy to infuse into any project, program, or goal you want to achieve. Let's create some unexpected mash-ups across disciplines and cultures that shift your perception, spark innovation, and light up real dialogue and understanding around personal and organizational ingenuity.

FREE and on demand

Take advantage of these free webinars from 2017.

three step springboard for organizations

One of the most prominent measures of success within an organization is the ability to lead strategic shifts while continuing to meet the demands of day-to-day operations.

I am available to support you throughout the process of developing and implementing your strategic initiatives and programs, offering an outside perspective on the best way to adapt based on weekly progress; specific tools and techniques to gain engagement from your leadership, staff, and community base; and more. Having worked within and alongside hundreds of organizations, I’ve developed this signature springboard approach to take you step-by-step through a flexible process. It is based on setting aside manageable amounts of time to regularly evaluate progress and measure continuous improvement.

A phased approach like this starts where you are and allows you and your team or organization to grow the benefits over time. This will ensure that your influence will be lasting and the positive impact of your leadership and vision will be fully realized.


step 1 find your imperative

Take a fresh look at your organization, group, or team and set the context and direction for the important work to follow. In this step, we will quickly zone-in on your most visible and valuable opportunities. In other words, we go deep on asking the right question and understanding what outcome you want and the real value of achieving that outcome. That gets your team aligned and motivated on why a change/new approach will benefit everyone. By getting organized around your purpose and required outcomes, we’ll find a path for quick wins and how to quantify the benefits it will have to your organization's top goals.


step 2 grow your momentum

Based on the alignment developed in Step 1, we'll launch the next steps or projects that will make the biggest impact to achieving your required outcomes. Whether it's a workshop, roadmap, idea generation, prioritization, or rolling out some strategic building blocks, we'll implement a process and build skills in your team that will serve your goals powerfully over the long-term.


step 3 assure your results

Consistency will help you and your team bring the work from Steps 1 and 2 to life and gain enthusiastic support from your broader community of staff and stakeholders.

Without a doubt, the highest return on investment to ensure consistent, long-term results following Steps 1 and 2 is to invest deeply in building unshakable leadership capabilities at all levels of your team and organization. For this I strongly recommend: 

  • One-on-one executive strategy sessions with key members of your leadership and implementation team.
  • Membership in the Step Into Your Genius advanced leadership and career enhancement programs that provide continued peer and expert support to keep your best talent honing their skills on your organization's most important needs. More information.


our stories

Because it's nicer when someone else says it... here are a few words from some of my clients and colleagues. My story is below.



Becca is a 4th grade teacher and award-winning actor in New Orleans. She is combining these passions into one pursuit: medical clowning. As she continues to hone her acting, writing, and production skills, she is also fundraising to create her own 501(c)3 and volunteering in local hospitals to entertain in the children's ward with her medical clowning partner.

What she's said about working with me and the Step Into Your Genius program: "I trust this woman beyond belief. She will be honest with me, but knows when to be gentle. I know I am not being used by a program or sold something, but genuinely helped. This work I feel is another way to tie everything together into a forward path. To help me use what I know about myself to go after what I want. I also like that it is not just one-on-one but in community."



Venkatesh Kidambi, Step into your Genius Client

Having studied engineering and physics (PhD), Venk is now a financial analyst with extensive experience in quantitative portfolio management. He's been managing teams of engineers and analysts in conducting signal research and trading large portfolios successfully. Venk says, "I’m entering a phase where I can be a better guide than a worker (musher than a sled dog). I'm considering launching my own thing, and I want to become a more effective leader. I’ve read some books, even took a leadership seminar at work. The books cover a wide array of topics and the leadership seminar was basic; I, reluctantly, brought up some questions but didn’t get any effective answers and haven’t been able to apply, even though I’m pretty good at self study. I want to be more influential in bringing new ideas to management and investors and more effective in managing workers. I think this is needed for the next step in my career."


Lisa is an award-winning copywriter who has worked across several industries, including financial, retail, online/tech, and academia. She is combining her experience in writing, personal training, and online business to build a strength and fitness coaching program for women over forty.

One thing she's said of the Step Into Your Genius program: "I think it's useful to start where you are and uncover things as you go. I prefer that method because it gives me a better feeling of progress and forward motion."



Rhonda Harris, step into your genius client

Rhonda has 40+ years experience in the water quality industry and a long list of leadership positions and awards such as Past President and elected Fellow for the Water Environment Federation, Honorary Member for the American Water Works Association, and an elected member of the International Water Academy.

One thing she's said about the Step Into Your Genius program: "In terms of what this can do for people, 'stepping into your genius' is also opening yourself up to listen and talk to your whole self. Your body, your brain, your emotions. Everything. The physical and the emotional and the mental."

Eileen O'Neill, executive director, water environment federation

"When Erin was a WEF Board member she was not just a champion for the launch of our risk assessment initiative, she also provided coaching and encouragement. This helped make what could have been intimidating, an approachable and even fun process that built confidence. With her help, we embraced and now continue to expand the application of a structured approach that allows us to take a fresh look at potential risks. This has also fostered team building and increased understanding through cross functional teams that look at risks in specific areas or programs."



howard carter, director, water resource recovery department, city of saco maine

"I have known and worked closely with Ms. Mosley since we were first introduced to one another through our involvement with the New England Water Environment Association over 10 years ago. Since that time she has continuously impressed with her visionary skills, leadership expertise, and problem solving abilities.  I have witnessed her working tirelessly as President of the Senior Management Team and Executive Committee to make significant improvements to the association in areas of governance and the development of new programs. In closing, if the need arises within my organization for a person of her special skill set she would be on the top of my list."

about me

I’m all about finding ways to look at, connect, and create things that make life better.  My passion and my mission is to work with people and organizations in ways I know will address root issues and find elegant solutions.  I am only happy if we're shifting something at the core and seeing astonishing results.  

Through coaching and outcome-based approaches that bring out hidden talents and synergies, I work with people who know there is a better way and can have fun with the kind of "You can do this" toughlove, creativity, and mutual support I encourage.   You'll love working with me if you believe that:

  • Untangling complexity and adapting to change is normal and continuous, a skill that can be honed.
  • Creating thriving environments must be grounded with processes that allow freedom to grow.

As a licensed civil engineer, I spent years managing projects that connect people with their environment through public works, engineering, construction, and research.  I learned that technical expertise is rarely what gets in the way of a good solution. I moved into management consulting and innovation to help my clients figure out better ways to get complex, important work done.  

I’ve worked within and alongside hundreds of organizations: all levels of government from small towns to federal agencies and departments, private companies, educational institutions, and non-profits of many kinds.  I’ve been a Vice President and Global Director for a Fortune 500 consulting company (CH2M) and have served as an active volunteer and Board Member for two sizable environmental professional organizations (WEF and NEWEA), the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University, and the Razor's Edge theatre festival.  I also co-founded and owned a creative space and theatre business

My recent study and research has brought me across the path of many fine teachers from diverse specialties in relationship dynamics, communication, leadership, and personal development.  I'll highlight my one-on-one work with Barb BeckElisa SperanzaBrian Mahoney, Spike Kunetz, and Melanie Weller, as well as excellent live and online work with CH2M (LEAD graduate and work with ILDG), ISI (Envision trainer), Shelly Gardeniers (BoardSource), Jeanine BlackwellVanessa HornIrene Lyon, my aerial studioSadie NardiniNICAM, Carolyn MyssBrene Brown, and the Hendricks Institute.




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