How to max the next phase of your career and business

How to max the next phase of your career and business

starting right where you are.


What is success? My clients and I talk about what makes my signature program, Step Into Your Genius, so effective.


SIGNATURE programs

I love speaking, writing, and working with other wonderful teachers to bring unforgettable experiences to you. You can book me in-person, or take advantage of my expertise at hosting highly engaging online events and programs.


Step Into Your Genius

Each year I invite only a handful of people into my premium program. You may choose a 12- or 24-week immersion to connect with your deep motivation and create your next dream career, job, and/or life. You'll learn step-by-step from proven techniques and world-class experts to get crystal clear on what you want and why. In live and on-demand online engagement, you will master powerful new abilities in personal, influence, and leadership dynamics that are drawn from the best in the world of science, engineering, business, education, arts, performance, wellness, and more. Check out the results of current and alumni clients, and then contact me to find out if I have space available and if this program is right for you right now.

Executive-style Coaching

The best part about my work as an executive and business coach is working with amazing professionals who are interested to further hone their natural authority and influence skills at every opportunity. You can create a package for one-on-one coaching by phone, video, and in-person sessions. We focus on strengthening core leadership skills that include: executive presence, transformation/roadmapping, integrity, resilience, culture, and relationships. One-on-one coaching works best for those who want or need a private and completely confidential experience and those who are drawn to 1-1 work instead of group & mastermind programs.

Innovation and leadership Workshops

You bring the inspiration and create your experience with the resources and idea engine of my innovation & leadership team of experts. I have hand-selected collaborators and teachers from a wide range of expertise -- business, planning, engineering, science, arts, theatre, hospitality, education, wellness, community -- to work worldwide, co-creating events, workshops, and courses and offering creative, results-oriented energy to infuse into your project, program, or goals. Let's create some unexpected mash-ups across disciplines and cultures that shift your perception, spark innovation, and light up real dialogue and understanding around personal and organizational ingenuity. Check out some results and feedback from recent events.

RAISE: Career Roadmapping Online Retreat
and the JUMP START resources

About once a year I run a special short course and online retreat that focuses on one element of my Step Into Your Genius program. In the RAISE program, you create a new kind of career and life roadmap and learn what has been keeping you feeling stuck, trapped, or under-appreciated where you are now. With new perspective and insights you will feel reconnected with your spark and have the tools you need to steer your career back to satisfaction and fulfillment.

I've also created a self-study program that is based on the concepts of RAISE and Step Into Your Genius: JUMP START is an on-demand, online course that will lead you through the material at your own pace using a state-of-the-art online course platform.

springboards for organizations

I work selectively with businesses, entrepreneurs, and public sector organizations (e.g., non-profits, public agencies). I craft each contract as a “springboard” that will accomplish a crucial shift for that client and set up long term momentum. Some examples:

  • Board-level consulting

    • Strategic direction (e.g., mission, vision, core values)

    • Leadership transitions (e.g., hiring an Executive Director)

  • Leadership Development

    • Workshops and retreats

    • Keynote speeches

    • Executive & leadership coaching and programs (including Step Into Your Genius)

  • BusInEss Imperatives

    • Innovation (Innovation360 Accredited Practitioner)

    • Sustainability (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Envision Sustainability Professional [ENV SP] and Trainer)


My clients are entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, teams, and groups who want to change something about their careers or organizations. They learn that they need to hone their 'next level' leadership and innovation skills to do it. Click or tap on the photos below to hear from my client ambassadors, who have agreed to share their stories to help inspire others.

Prisca’s story is coming soon!

Prisca’s story is coming soon!

some comments from recent Workshop, webinar, and keynote events

I attended the NEWEA/NEWWA YP Summit and your session really clicked with me, especially the "getting to your why" statement. - Chris

During the workshop, I wrote that I wanted to work on increasing collaboration among young professionals in the company. Within a month after the workshop, we began planning a watershed cleanup. On the planning team we have members from almost all of our departments: operations, IT, customer service, and engineering. It’s been a wonderfully collaborative effort thus far and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here! - Nate

I really enjoyed Erin Mosley and the interactive professional development based speakers. - Maya

This was one of the best seminars like this that I have ever been to. I loved the unique improv approach and thought the overall message of the day was very cohesive and empowering. - Amanda

My whole outlook on networking, leadership, and my career has changed as a result of this summit. - Patrick

The speakers this year were excellent!!! - Katie

I was so engaged in your workshop I forgot to take any notes! - Kate

I find many urban development and infrastructure professionals struggle with things like technology and the role it may come to play, but you spoke about these things with eloquence. - Kyle



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