Erin Mosley
Erin Mosley
Proficient Ingenuity: Essential Strategies for Mastering Innovation.

PRoficienT Ingenuity:

Essential Strategies for Mastering Innovation



  • 5 things great innovation leaders and experts know that will get you to your next level.
  • Why it is easier than you think to take charge from right where you are in a powerful new way.
  • The top mistake that other innovation and leadership programs make. (Avoid finding yourself back at status quo, again.)
  • How to really use and integrate the latest brain research and methods for fast results in your life and career.
  • The #1 reason to master "what if" to drive future innovation and possibilities.



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...such a powerful exercise on so many levels”

“...very approachable and engaging!”

“Simple, effective. I am going to use this...


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Eileen o'neill

Executive Director
Water Environment Federation

When Erin was a WEF Board member she was not just a champion for the launch of our risk assessment initiative, she also provided coaching and encouragement. This helped make what could have been intimidating, an approachable and even fun process that built confidence. With her help, we embraced and now continue to expand the application of a structured approach that allows us to take a fresh look at potential risks. This has also fostered team building and increased understanding through cross functional teams that look at risks in specific areas or programs.

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Howard carter

Director, Water Resource Recovery Department
City of Saco, Maine

I have known and worked closely with Ms. Mosley since we were first introduced to one another through our involvement with the New England Water Environment Association over 10 years ago. Since that time she has continuously impressed with her visionary skills, leadership expertise, and problem solving abilities.  I have witnessed her working tirelessly as President of the Senior Management Team and Executive Committee to make significant improvements to the association in areas of governance and the development of new programs. In closing, if the need arises within my organization for a person of her special skill set she would be on the top of my list.

The signature of the Proficient Ingenuity programs is what I call my springboard approaches. They've also been described as "lightweight and innovative risk management, business, and life processes," and I like that too. The underlying magic is this:  first, make sure to ask the right question. Second, go deep to understand the value of the question (meaning, what tangible benefits do I expect if I solve this issue?). Very often, we jump to tinkering and solving a problem before we've spent enough time on these first two steps. And the first two steps make everything else easier... they bring with them a sense of clarity, purpose, and alignment. So then third, carve out a little time - a day or two, or maybe break it into a few hours a week over a longer period - to select one key change that addresses your question, and master it step-by-step. 

That's the springboard. You get immediate, tangible results (without extra stress on your schedule, time, resources...) -- and then you watch (and track) the long-term benefits and momentum as they unfold. I'm excited to offer the springboard programs you see at webinar and genius, and here are a few other ways to learn more and create massive results for yourself.

innovation MINDSET & culture --  and lasting results

  • Workshops, strategy sessions, and retreats
  • Advanced skills for executive, business, and career development
  • Innovation roadmaps and implementation
  • Crowdsourcing design and integration


Learn the benefits and insider how-to of the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure Envision framework. I've served on the industry advisory board for the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University and was the senior ENV SP for the AlexRenew platinum award announced in September 2016. I like to provide an engaging experience as a classroom trainer and speaker.

      Innovation Masterclasses  

      You bring the inspiration and create your experience with the resources and idea engine of the Proficient Ingenuity team. I have hand-selected collaborators and teachers from a wide range of expertise -- business, planning, engineering, science, arts, theatre, hospitality, education, wellness, community -- to work worldwide, co-creating events, workshops, short courses, and speaking engagements and offering creative, results-oriented energy to infuse into any project, program, or goal you want to achieve. Let's create some unexpected mash-ups across disciplines and cultures that shift your perception, spark innovation, and light up real dialogue and understanding around personal and organizational ingenuity.





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      I'm Erin Mosley, also known by the nickname Pink.  I'd love to know what brought you to my site today.  

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      ABOUT ME

      I’m all about finding ways to look at, connect, and create things that make life better.  My passion and my mission is to work with people and organizations in ways I know will address root issues and find elegant solutions.  I am only happy if we're shifting something at the core and seeing astonishing results.  

      Through coaching and outcome-based approaches that bring out hidden talents and synergies, I work with people who know there is a better way and can have fun with the kind of "You can do this" toughlove, creativity, and mutual support I encourage.   You'll love working with me if you believe that:

      • Untangling complexity and adapting to change is normal and continuous, a skill that can be honed.
      • Creating thriving environments must be grounded with processes that allow freedom to grow.

      As a licensed civil engineer, I spent years managing projects that connect people with their environment through public works, engineering, construction, and research.  I learned that technical expertise is rarely what gets in the way of a good solution. I moved into management consulting and innovation to help my clients figure out better ways to get complex, important work done.  

      I’ve worked within and alongside hundreds of organizations: all levels of government from small towns to federal agencies and departments, private companies, educational institutions, and non-profits of many kinds.  I’ve been a Vice President and Global Director for a Fortune 500 consulting company (CH2M) and have served as an active volunteer and Board Member for two sizable environmental professional organizations (WEF and NEWEA), the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University, and the Razor's Edge theatre festival.  I also co-founded and owned a creative space and theatre business

      My recent study and research has brought me across the path of many fine teachers from diverse specialties in relationship dynamics, communication, leadership, and personal development.  I'll highlight my one-on-one work with Barb BeckElisa SperanzaBrian Mahoney, and Melanie Weller, as well as excellent live and online work with CH2M (LEAD graduate), ISI (Envision trainer), ConversantSpike KunetzShelly Gardeniers (BoardSource), Jeanine Blackwell, Vanessa Horn, Irene Lyon, my aerial studioSadie NardiniNICAM, Carolyn Myss, Brene Brown, and the Hendricks Institute.

      sharing the message

      As an experienced speaker and writer, I am available for keynote speaking, panels, workshops, interviews, and similar engagements. I also write white papers, articles, blog posts, and other published materials.  Here's where you can find me:

      On-demand: I offer free webinars and premium masterclasses on my on-line course platform. Free to sign up and become a VIP for future events and courses! Currently available free webinars: Do you want to be an innovation leader? and How to know you've got the right people, doing the right things, at the right times.

      September 20, 2017: I'm an invited expert for Planning Sustainable Infrastructure, a free ENR/Procore webinar that follows up an interview for this ENR article.

      October 2017: WEFTEC'17 (Chicago). I am moderator of the Value of Water session and co-author of an Envision presentation with AlexRenew.

      Social mediaLinkedIn, Twitter, FacebookInstagram, Vimeo, and my blog.