hello!  I'm glad you're here. 

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I specialize in career (and life) evolutions. 

My clients most often hire me for my signature program, Step Into Your Genius, or for customized in-person group programs and workshops to support career development, innovation culture, and leadership skills.

What you get with these programs is a teaching and coaching approach based on:

  • A practical, problem-solving mindset from decades practicing as a licensed professional engineer and project manager.

  • A deep understanding of the opportunities and traps of modern career paths from a recovering overachiever. (Case-in-point: I was a Global Vice President and Director of Management Consulting, Technology, and Innovation for a $5B Fortune 500 firm ~and~ President of a 2,000 member non-profit... before I turned 40).

  • A belief in lifelong learning and reinvention. I study and teach with leading experts in relationship dynamics, entrepreneurship, innovation, education and creative development, neurobiology and somatic experience, performance arts, intuitive and personal development, and more. When I'm working with a client we draw from a broad range of disciplines depending on what will work best.

  • More of that weird, geeky girl vibe! I've nurtured some alternative "vocations" too... I've been published as a cocktail writer on and off since my 20s, co-founded a creative space and theatre business in my 30s, became a performing circus student-artist in my 40s. And yeah, there have been failures. Like, retail. Selling homemade t-shirts, postcards, and soy 7-day candles did not pan out. 

If you are ready for that next shift (for yourself or for a special group program), I'm here. Let's do it. I invite you to drop me a note in the form on this page to request a complimentary Take Action call anytime.