SIGNATURE programs

I love speaking, writing, and working with other wonderful teachers to bring unforgettable experiences to you. You can book me in-person, or take advantage of my expertise at hosting highly engaging online events and programs.



Step Into Your Genius

Each year I invite only a handful of people into my premium program. You may choose a 12- or 24-week immersion to connect with your deep motivation and create your next dream career, job, and/or life. You'll learn step-by-step from proven techniques and world-class experts to get crystal clear on what you want and why. In live and on-demand online engagement, you will master powerful new abilities in personal, influence, and leadership dynamics that are drawn from the best in the world of science, engineering, business, education, arts, performance, wellness, and more. Check out the results of current and alumni clients, and then contact me to find out if I have space available and if this program is right for you right now.

RAISE: Career Roadmapping Online Retreat
and the JUMP START resources

At least once a year I run a special short course and online retreat that focuses on one element of my Step Into Your Genius program. In the RAISE program, you create a new kind of career and life roadmap and learn what has been keeping you feeling stuck, trapped, or under-appreciated where you are now. With new perspective and insights you will feel reconnected with your spark and have the tools you need to steer your career back to satisfaction and fulfillment.

I've also created a self-study program that is based on the concepts of RAISE and Step Into Your Genius: JUMP START is an on-demand, online course that will lead you through the material at your own pace using a state-of-the-art online course platform. You'll receive all the instruction and guidance through videos and online materials.

Contact me to find out more about RAISE and JUMP START!

Innovation and leadership Workshops

You bring the inspiration and create your experience with the resources and idea engine of my innovation & leadership team of experts. I have hand-selected collaborators and teachers from a wide range of expertise -- business, planning, engineering, science, arts, theatre, hospitality, education, wellness, community -- to work worldwide, co-creating events, workshops, and courses and offering creative, results-oriented energy to infuse into your project, program, or goals. Let's create some unexpected mash-ups across disciplines and cultures that shift your perception, spark innovation, and light up real dialogue and understanding around personal and organizational ingenuity. Check out some results and feedback from recent events.


As an experienced speaker and writer, I am available for keynote speaking, panels, workshops, interviews, and similar engagements. Check out some recent feedback here. I also write white papers, articles, blog posts, and other published materials. My most popular topics include:

  • Perspectives on innovation leadership and creating an innovation culture

  • Top insights into true leadership, career enhancement, and personal transformation as proven by my clients

  • Smart cities, digital transformation, and the impact of data analytics & machine learning

  • Innovation for water utilities

  • Emerging science in stress physiology and neuroplasticity that is at the core of my approach to leadership development

  • Strength, risk, and reinvention: an aerialist's unique view of the world

  • Hospitality and the MBA I earned as a regular

Photo Jimmy Segrest for AWEA

Photo Jimmy Segrest for AWEA

How about boiling success down to four steps? That’s what Erin (Pink) Mosley does in this article. (BTW, each step is summarized by one word! Couldn’t be more straightforward.)
— Susan Solovic: This Week in Small Business

FREE and on-demand

  • Livestream with Barb Beck. I was a guest on Barb’s weekly livestream. We talked candidly about coaching approaches, personal transformations, and how to know when and why to get coaching support in some area of your life. This popular replay is for anyone interested in a no-nonsense conversation about the power of what's happening inside a coach and client relationship - and how the benefits continue to unfold with time.

  • I have posted 3 previous webinars on replay: you can access them here.