springboards for organizations

I work selectively with businesses, entrepreneurs, and public sector organizations (e.g., non-profits, public agencies). I craft each contract as a “springboard” that will accomplish a crucial shift for that client and set up long term momentum. Some examples:

  • Board-level consulting

    • Strategic direction (e.g., mission, vision, core values)

    • Leadership transitions (e.g., hiring an Executive Director)

  • Leadership Development

    • Workshops and retreats

    • Keynote speeches

    • Executive & leadership coaching and programs (including Step Into Your Genius)

  • BusInEss Imperatives

    • Innovation (Innovation360 Accredited Practitioner)

    • Sustainability (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Envision Sustainability Professional [ENV SP] and Trainer)

  • RECENT CLIENTS, affiliations, and Sponsors