three step springboard for organizations

You CAN Hire me before your team members do.

Very often, my clients contact me personally and join one of my career and leadership programs because they are feeling stuck and somehow out of alignment in their current job or career. The work we do together is often about "should I stay or should I go?" We take a deep dive into what needs to change and figure out how to best make it happen.

I am often asked, "Do your clients tend to stay with their employers?" The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. 

Usually, they'd rather not quit. But sometimes, it's the best decision because of the company culture.

With honesty and insights on what makes a great culture and keeps team members fully engaged with their careers, I can help executives or managers at any level make the kinds of shifts that keep the employees all in. If you'd like to make sure you are providing the best environment for your innovators and leaders to thrive & feel strong loyalty to the success of your mission - let's talk.


As of June 2018 I am also an Accredited Practitioner with Innovation360. This means I now bring you best-in-class resources and tools in innovation strategy and management. You may contact me anytime to ask about accessing global benchmarking data and best practices, hosting Innovation Circles, learning more about the Ideation360 crowdsourcing platform, and more. I take great care in every decision I make about serving my clients, and I promise you that adding Innovation360 to the approaches I describe below can measurably uplevel your relevance and success in the months and years ahead.


step 1 find your imperative

Take a fresh look at your organization, group, or team and set the context and direction for the important work to follow. In this step, we will quickly zone-in on your most visible and valuable opportunities. In other words, we go deep on asking the right question and understanding what outcome you want and the real value of achieving that outcome. That gets your team aligned and motivated on why a change/new approach will benefit everyone. By getting organized around your purpose and required outcomes, we’ll find a path for quick wins and how to quantify the benefits it will have to your organization's top goals.


step 2 grow your momentum

Based on the alignment developed in Step 1, we'll launch the next steps or projects that will make the biggest impact to achieving your required outcomes. Whether it's a workshop, roadmap, idea generation, prioritization, or rolling out some strategic building blocks, we'll implement a process and build skills in your team that will serve your goals powerfully over the long-term.


step 3 assure your results

Consistency will help you and your team bring the work from Steps 1 and 2 to life and gain enthusiastic support from your broader community of staff and stakeholders.

Without a doubt, the highest return on investment to ensure consistent, long-term results following Steps 1 and 2 is to invest deeply in building unshakable leadership capabilities at all levels of your team and organization. For this I strongly recommend: 

  • One-on-one executive strategy sessions with key members of your leadership and implementation team.

  • Results-oriented & motivation-building workshops for small or large groups across the organization.

  • Membership in the Step Into Your Genius advanced leadership and career enhancement programs that provide continued peer and expert support to keep your best talent honing their skills on your organization's most important needs. Click here to download more information.