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What's so unique about the Mosley Institute?
Executive Coaching + Leadership Community
Executive Coaching
Our sought-after individual coaching programs are at the heart of the Mosley Institute. You will receive personal one-on-one coaching with Erin (Pink) Mosley, and you can choose the best schedule for your private online executive-style coaching calls.

Events + Community

Thousands of professionals have proven through our workshops and mastermind programs since 2017 that working in groups is transformative. The Mosley Institute leadership community gives you the option to add group events, workshops, and conversations to your private coaching program. Learn and practice skills with our hand-selected experts... and foster camaraderie, mentoring circles, and peer support with like-minded leaders.


The Mosley Institute membership site and library provide you with additional access to resources, inspiration, and step-by-step development of advanced leadership skills that are drawn from our team's own research and expertise. We will guide you to the best resources to hone your skills and tackle any difficult situations you are facing.

Real Stories
Real Results

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The Mosley Institute is for professionals with ambitious vision - those who are honing their natural authority and taking compassionate action on complex issues.

  • Rhonda Harris

  • Chris Hayward

  • Jackie Jarrell

  • Valli Sukuru

  • Kaitlin Tymrak

  • Andrew Mang

  • Brandy Wilson

  • Kia Gilmore

  • Jackie Vincent

  • Venk Kidambi

  • Beate Wright

Your Challenge?
Leadership is not a one-size-fits-all path.

The Mosley Institute Leadership Mastery Guide helps you identify the stages of leadership, how and when to apply them, and how to grow more fully and confidently into each stage.

What stages of leadership are you proficient in? And what does that mean for you and your success?
A science-based approach to leadership.
Hone world-class leadership abilities and create the ideal next phase of your career with expert guidance and a supportive community. community
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Contact us today to schedule your complimentary coaching session and find out if working with us is the right move for you right now. We're also happy to provide accessibility support such as image descriptions. 
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