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You've heard her say it!

"Hold your seat."

"Hold the room."

"Practice the pause."

"If one person can stay calm, the whole group will stay calm."

But how? What are these mysterious effects that Erin (Pink) Mosley teaches?

Learn more about her top ~20 tips to improve "psychological safety" (in one-on-one conversations and in groups) that lead the way to influential leadership, meaningful communication, and high performing organizations. They might seem like small things, but consistent practice and mastery of even a few of these will up-level your natural authority and bring more ease into your days.
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Reveal Your Organization's Hidden Needs: Scenario Planning for Non-profits

What if we offered that you could see into the future?

Would you look?

Would you want to know what's going to happen?

We're really curious to hear your answer! Because there is a way to do it effectively and consistently, and yet most leaders and organizations *don't.*

The vast majority of planning is based on carrying on with what's happening now or what we expect from the recent past. That approach will leave you scrambling for years to come in today's rapidly changing world.

Getting good at long-term predictions is an absolutely essential skill for boards, executives, and senior managers. It helps you to work skillfully with uncertainties and navigate your path forward in the face of powerful forces that can knock you off balance.

It's also handy in lots of other ways!

This article is written especially for non-profits.

Keep in mind, the approaches were developed for the world's largest and most enduring private companies and have been used by private, government, non-profit, and academic organizations around the world. Any team, large or small, will benefit from working through this process!

And -- it can be fun, it can be scary, it will definitely stretch you into new insights.

To learn more, contact us to talk about the power of scenario planning and the many ways you can incorporate it to outperform the odds and stabilize your organization no matter what turbulence is coming your way. We are happy to work with a group or even coach a single visionary leader in how to implement the process.

Thanks to Innovation360 for the invitation to share this guest blog.

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When to Ask a Question

In our series on high-value conversations, we've been encouraging you to "practice the pause" and allow more time for empathetic and reflective listening before you dive in with questions, advice, and ideas. Once we've done that, a skilled communicator can discern the moment when the right question will add value. If you are doing it right, you'll probably also learn something that will shift your perspective and change what you say next and how you say it.

We'll talk about other listening and connection skills in future videos.

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2022 Highlights
This year we celebrated EMI's 5th birthday! Five incredible years of working with our clients on leadership  programs, executive coaching, and strategic/innovation consulting. Here is a snapshot of 2022.

Hundreds of professionals came to online and in-person leadership programs that featured the EMI team. 

We relaunched our executive coaching packages into the Mosley Institute for Leadership.

More organizations brought us in to strengthen leadership, rethink rapidly changing work cultures, and support critical business strategy and decisions.

  • We are completing our second year with Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment and Spring Point Partners on the Water Innovation and Leadership Development (WILD) Executive Education program.
  • Companies also continue multi-year relationships with EMI for executive/team coaching and leadership programs.

We continued our involvement with organizations such as Innovation360, Somatic Experiencing Institute, Tergar, and the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure to bring you world-class tools and resources for our work together.

Every year we share our time and resources. Our giving back and community work in 2022 included:

  • Creative exchanges to offer no- or low-cost leadership development sessions and panels with not-for-profit entities such as Clean Water Professionals of KY & TN (M | K workshop), Rogue Water Lab, and the New England Water Environment Association.
  • Financial contributions to community organizations in New Orleans, EMI's hometown.
  • Free coaching, mentoring, and learning sessions for those who can use a boost or are intrigued by what we do and how we do it. 
  • Free resources available online through our website and social media channels.

Thank you to everyone in EMI's community!
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* New Orleans was known for thousands of years aBulbancha (Choctaw for "place of many tongues") and was an indigenous trading hub. Erin Mosley, Inc. calls this place home now - and we continue to learn more about all the peoples, cultures, and events that have happened here.

Lagniappe is said to be a modified form of a Louisiana French creole or cajun term that derives from the New-World Spanish la ñapa (gift), which in turn may have its origin in a Quechua word yapa (gift or tip).

Here on this page, we share a little extra news, curiosities, ephemeral tidbits, and passing fancies. In the spirit of giving you a lagniappe when you visit us.

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