Pronounced lan-yap: meaning “a little something extra."

New Orleans was known for thousands of years aBulbancha (Choctaw for "place of many tongues") and was an indigenous trading hub. Erin Mosley, Inc. calls this place home now - and we continue to learn more about all the peoples, cultures, and events that have happened here.

Lagniappe is said to be a modified form of a Louisiana French creole or cajun term that derives from the New-World Spanish la ñapa (gift), which in turn may have its origin in a Quechua word yapa (gift or tip).

Here on this page, we'll share a little extra news, curiosities, ephemeral tidbits, and passing fancies.

In October, you can find Erin (Pink) Mosley and many of her collaborators and clients right here in New Orleans for the annual WEFTEC conference. Get in touch if you'll be here!
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