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Audience-engaged Campaign Development

The US Water Alliance has been creating essential public and political engagement in U.S. water investment with the Value of Water Campaign since 2015. Redeveloping the Campaign for 2024 and beyond is necessary to address rapidly changing needs and expectations.

While it is common for many to think of campaign development in 20th Century paradigms - popularized by television shows and our own memories of the largest successful ad campaigns of the era - today’s successful campaigns do not broadcast a monolithic message through (what was at the time) a limited number of media channels.

Approaching campaign development today as one-time push to develop a massive launch frontloads investment of time and money while taking on higher risk and uncertainty.

A better approach is to set the overall direction of the campaign and then hone a process of continuous innovation for campaign elements using approaches proven by the world’s most successful organizations. These approaches establish a flexible, repeatable, and scalable means of staying engaged with audiences in order to design relevant and timely programs that make a real difference.

So how do we really connect with our communities and develop great educational and public engagement campaigns? By using crossover innovation concepts from the world of design thinking, we:

  • Listen to and understand the audiences
  • Define great campaign challenges
  • Generate ideas
  • Minimize anchoring and bias; enhance inclusion and equity
  • Create effective campaign elements and make sound decisions on priorities
  • Move forward with creative concept designs
  • Prototype and test designs to gather important early data on campaign success
  • Launch the best campaign elements in phases to ensure continued campaign effectiveness

To learn more about the Value of Water Campaign innovation sprint and stay engaged in the campaign development, check out these posts and follow these accounts on LinkedIn!
Our innovation sprint [Erin (Pink) Mosley]

Our Collective Challenge: Telling the Story of Water [The Value of Water Campaign]

Photo courtesy of US Water Alliance

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Catch Us on the Road in 2024
Here is the upcoming travel schedule for those who might want to piggyback on these locations to arrange a:
  • workshop or retreat (contact us for ideas!)
  • in-person coaching (we sometimes call these GET'R DONE sessions; 90 minutes or a half-day are most popular)
  • in-person consultation to discuss working together
  • social events and fun networking

Here is what we know today about where Erin (Pink) Mosley plans to be:

April: Orlando, FL (at the Florida Water Resources Conference and YP Workshop) and Olathe, KS (Kansas State University ARISE Symposium)

May: Boston, MA area

June: Stockholm, Sweden (Innovation360 Black Belt Summit)

July: Boston, MA area

October: WEFTEC and Empowering Women in Industry events in our hometown

Other "tour dates" are in the works and will be added as confirmed. And remember, you can always come to our home base in New Orleans or contact us to arrange something at your location.
Go Ahead - Take a Look!
A photo gallery of recent programs and events.
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* New Orleans was known for thousands of years aBulbancha (Choctaw for "place of many tongues") and was an indigenous trading hub. Erin Mosley, Inc. calls this place home now - and we continue to learn more about all the peoples, cultures, and events that have happened here.

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Here on this page, we share a little extra news, curiosities, ephemeral tidbits, and passing fancies. In the spirit of giving you a lagniappe when you visit us.

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