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Let's Talk About the Thinking Face
This might be the video you've been waiting for...

We're talking about your RBF, baby! ➡😑 😉

The terms RBF* or BRF are used to be funny or mean; We tend to use our own term "thinking face" because it is more accurate, more compassionate, and less gendered. 

What is really happening when you, or someone you know, is making one of THOSE faces? And what to do about it?

We've worked with many executive coaching clients to be more aware of their own expressions as well as what to do when you are puzzling over someone else's. 

PRO TIP: A lot of the common advice about "reading" body language and faces is simply NOT accurate. There are so many factors - neurodiversity, context, mood, stress physiology, culture, personal history, our own projections and predictive brains - we cannot do justice to this important topic here.

But we can start a conversation with this lighthearted video! 

Are you aware of yourself and your environment right now? How might your "face" be perceived by others? Do you make assumptions about others based on an expression?

Let us know what you think! Please reach out

Resting b*tch face or B*tchy resting face, for those who aren't familiar. (We don't like these terms, but they're still in common use and we name them to reframe them.)

2 min video is an excerpt from:
Amp Up: Listening and Working with Stress
Mosley | Kunetz Workshops

This workshop was part of:
Water Amplified: The Communication Revolution
hosted by Water Environment Federation and American Water Works Association

Upcoming Event!
Catalyst 2023 in San Antonio continues our multi-year collaboration with Rogue Water Lab. This year the theme is "Be Curious, Not Judgmental" and will feature a hands-on "innovation sprint" experience specifically designed around a water communication challenge.

As part of the program, Mosley | Kunetz Workshops presents:

Thursday, June 29: Social Listening Meets Campaign Developmetn
with Erin (Pink) Mosley

Make the most out of community “listening sessions” using crossover innovation concepts from the world of hackathons, sprints, and crowdsourcing campaigns. Understand your audience, create great campaign challenges, collect ideas, minimize bias, move forward with recommended actions, and keep everyone engaged in the process!

Friday, June 30: Make Your Pitch
with Tom Kunetz 

You've come up with that Big Idea--now how do you get the green light to set it in motion? You do what they do in Hollywood: you make a great pitch! This session will give participants the tools to craft their own pitches for an actual idea of their own choosing. Participants will learn how to build their own pitch through a series of active exercises, then will practice that pitch in front of an audience and receive feedback. Big Ideas told short and sweet, engaging and inspiring!

...and if you register for Catalyst
Contact us for on-site opportunities to work with Erin (Pink) Mosley in one-on-one coaching or small group sessions while she is in San Antonio.
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* New Orleans was known for thousands of years aBulbancha (Choctaw for "place of many tongues") and was an indigenous trading hub. Erin Mosley, Inc. calls this place home now - and we continue to learn more about all the peoples, cultures, and events that have happened here.

Lagniappe is said to be a modified form of a Louisiana French creole or cajun term that derives from the New-World Spanish la ñapa (gift), which in turn may have its origin in a Quechua word yapa (gift or tip).

Here on this page, we share a little extra news, curiosities, ephemeral tidbits, and passing fancies. In the spirit of giving you a lagniappe when you visit us.

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