Pronounced lan-yap: meaning “a little something extra." *

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Video: Are You Thinking All the Time?
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Are you thinking all the time?
Chloe asks: How do you sort through how much of your thinking is helpful, and how much of it is ruminating in a stress loop?

Join us at a meet and greet held after one of our workshop events for the kind of nerdy cocktail conversation that I love!

Does this resonate with you? Let us know by getting in touch.

A little back story: Chloe attended this young professional event before the pandemic and loved it so much that she later stepped up and organized an event with another organization - even through funding issues and the pandemic shut downs - she persisted! We love working with young professionals (and their mentors) and helping them make things happen.

Interested in bringing us in for a workshop event for your team or organization? We're booking 2023 and 2024 dates for online and in-person events.

Video by Twelve Midnight

We're creating a "best of" and brand new video and article library. While we're under construction, we'll feature videos on this page and you can go to our social media links at the bottom of this page to find more.
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Have you seen our latest LinkedIn reviews?

It's safe to say that your support and care as an Executive Coach sparked this interest and passion in me. Coaching with you was transformational. Thank you for the role you play in my life!!" - Beate Wright

I have worked with Erin Mosley for many years, in professional practice in the water industry, in supporting gender and diversity inclusion, and in her "Step into your Genius" program. She uses her own broad and diverse experience to guide people working with her ... to see the opportunities open to them, understand the perceived limitations and determine directions that are most useful for the individual to move toward success in their own lives and careers." - Rhonda Harris

"Working with Erin is incredible! I've had the opportunity to work with her on a number of trainings and engagement workshops. The feedback from attendees has always been phenomenal and resulted in better attendance at future events. Erin's combination of leadership, technical practice, and engaging exercises demonstrates how folks can really own their development. Working with Erin over the years has been a joy and I highly recommend connecting with her if you have leadership development, communications, and mindfulness interests." - Steven Drangsholt
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Just Added!
OWN IT! An open conversation on moving into executive & entrepreneurial roles.

Coming in April to the Mosley Institute for Leadership, we'll be hosting an event on this hot topic for entrepreneurs, shareholders, board members, executives, and anyone influencing organizational strategy at this level.
Senior leaders often ask me these questions:
  • How should my mindset be different?
  • How do I balance my day-to-day operational role(s) with my role in running the organization? 
  • What skills and approaches should I be working with to be most effective in senior leadership?

Become a member of the Mosley Institute for Leadership to share perspectives, ask questions, and get access to expert and peer coaching on this and many other related topics.
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A photo gallery of recent programs and events.

* New Orleans was known for thousands of years aBulbancha (Choctaw for "place of many tongues") and was an indigenous trading hub. Erin Mosley, Inc. calls this place home now - and we continue to learn more about all the peoples, cultures, and events that have happened here.

Lagniappe is said to be a modified form of a Louisiana French creole or cajun term that derives from the New-World Spanish la ñapa (gift), which in turn may have its origin in a Quechua word yapa (gift or tip).

Here on this page, we share a little extra news, curiosities, ephemeral tidbits, and passing fancies. In the spirit of giving you a lagniappe when you visit us.

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