Pink's Trust

When I first envisioned my business, I called it "Pink's Trust." An important element has always been to bring world class experts and teachers to you.

On this page are my hand-selected teaching partners and team members. They offer a diverse range of expertise. Each of them is also a personal friend.

This is truly my trust. I am excited to bring this level of trust to your life and work.

Featured Collaborators
Tom Kunetz
Tom (aka Spike) brings over 25 years of experience as a performer, director, and playwright. He taught improvisational comedy and sketch comedy writing at the famed Second City Training Center in Chicago for more than 20 years. He's also a highly accomplished engineer and leader, and I've worked closely with him in his parallel "careers."  Our workshops under the brand of Mosley | Kunetz blend his improv expertise and formats with my teachings to awaken personal creativity, inspire innovative solutions, and build successful teams and partnerships. 
Becca Chapman
Becca Chapman is a social entrepreneur, teacher, award-winning actor, and theatre creator. She has founded and developed two successful organizations—a medical clowning non-profit and an online escape room experience—that specialize in online immersive engagements. In addition to a Masters in Education, a Bachelor of Performing Arts, and international theatre training, Becca is also an alumna of EMI's programs. She and I teach (using a variety of performing arts and learning approaches) online or in-person events.
Alvin Pilobello
Alvin is a Leadership Coach and Trainer. He helps technical professionals leverage their emotional intelligence to make business decisions grounded in relationship-building.
Alvin spent 10+ years working at global engineering consulting firms, helping municipal organizations mitigate risk and prioritize infrastructure investments that benefit the public. He also led the leadership skills development of young professionals across the USA and Canada through his volunteer work. I've included and recommended him for multiple programs,  most recently at Duke University. 

Stephen Sanders
I stay connected with emerging and leading voices in workplace and societal inclusion and belonging. Featured here is Stephen Sanders, who is a the Director and Head Trainer at the Environmental Training Center at Morrisville State. He has served on prominent water industry DE&I task forces and is an in-demand speaker and advisor on these issues. I've included and recommended him for programs (e.g. Duke University).
The H2Duo
Stephanie Corso (left) and Arianne Shipley (right) are the founders of Rogue Water and Rogue Water Lab. Their specialties are in meaningful communications that build relationships and transform communities. I have worked with both of them in-person and online on the topics of healing, storytelling, resilience, empathy, and sense of belonging as part of the complexities of communicating complex water issues.
Barb Beck
Barb has been a relationship coach for 20+ years and her clients have included CEOs, celebrities, and many others. I worked with her when I was navigating a massive personal and career shift and with her permission, essential parts of EMI's programs are derived from what I learned and practiced then. Barb is a guest expert in Step into Your Genius and we teach together at in-person events or online.
Elisa Speranza
Elisa provides expertise in strategy development, diagnostic services (personal and organizational), team-building, and career/ leadership development. She has been a guest expert in EMI's programs and we can go deep on any number of leadership and personal development topics, in-person or online.
Mara Yale
Mara (pictured with her family) is devoted to helping adults and children learn through awareness and touch. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Mara is an alumna of EMI's programs and has also been a guest expert. 
Brian Mahoney
Brian is a hypnotherapist and coach with >15 years of experience and extensive training in a wide variety of methods to help clients solve specific issues. Brian has been a guest expert in EMI's programs; we tailor in-person or online experiences and conversations based on your interests and needs.
Behind the Scenes / Team

We couldn't do any of this without them.

Kendyl Adams describes herself as a designer, artist, copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur, and human. She currently assists with online events, visual design, and other business needs.

Sirah Laub is the Founder of Lucky 13 Limited. She and her team provide bookkeeping and foundational accounting services for EMI.

Atiya S. Brown is the Savvy Accountant(TM) and our business tax strategist.

Professional photography and videography have been provided by Twelve Midnight, AJ Rebecci, and Chloe Pool, among others.

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